Photos for Website

These are the photos I've gathered for possible use on the website. There are 33 including those already being used on the test site.

I like some for the interesting abstract pattern they create while also suggesting coming together, building, hubs, networks.
Others I like for their direct applicability (FHA, construction, hub cities, meetings, etc.)
I've combined the higher resolution ones in the PDF (see link below) that I tried to email. On the chance you can't open or download this, I've pasted the images as well.

WMAC photos

GGB Closeup

GGB Daytime

GGB Daytime 2

GGB Sunset

GGB Sunset 2

GGB Night

GGB Black White

LA Valley



Seattle Wideshot

Seattle Wideshot 2

Blue Buildings

Gold Towers

Construction Hard Hats

Making Plans


Construction Laying Foundation

Construction Rebar Structure (HUB)

construction scaffolding

Construction Cranes

Construction House Frames

Construction Low Income Housing

Construction Low Income Housing 2 (Street View)

Construction Low Income Housing 3 (West Hollywood)

Conference Seating

Conference Room

Meeting Notes



FHA Tiles

HUD HQ Spiral

Puzzle Pieces